AAD Azure Active Directory
AD Active Directory
AI Artificial Intelligence
CIDR Classles inter-domain routing
CPU Central processing unit
CMD Commandshell (Windows Eingabeaufforderung)
BIOS Basic inup output system
BMC Baseboard management bontroller
BSSID Basic service set identifier
DAC (Kabel) Direct atached cable
DAC (Converter) Digital to analog converter
DDR Double data rate
DHCP Dynamic host configuration protocol
DLP Data loss prevention
DNS Domain name system
DSL Digital subscriber line
DVI Digital video interface
ESSID Extendet service set identifier
FQDN Full qualified domain name
FTP File transfer protocol
GAN Global area network
GPU Graphics processing unit
HA High avalebility
HDD Hard disk drive
HDMI High definition multimedia interface
HTTP Hypertext transfer protocol
HTTPS Hypertext transfer protocol secure
ID Identificator / Identifier
IDS Intrusion detection system
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IF Interface
IMM Integrated management module
IP Internet Protocol
IPS Intrusion prevention system
ISP Internet service provider
n/a n/a
KMS Key management system
LAN Local area network
LRS Local Redundant Storage
LWL Lichtwellen Leiter
MGM Management
MFA Multi Factor Authentication
MSP Managed service provider
MSP Messagesens protocol
MsTSC Microsoft terminal service client
NAS Network atached storage
NIC Network interface card
NTP Network time protocol
OS Operating system
PAN Private area network
PCI Peripheral component interconnect
PPG Proximity Placement Groups
PID Process identifier
POE Power over ethernet
QOS Quality of service
RAID Redundant array of independant disks
RAM Random access memory
RDP Remote desktop protocol
RPC Remote procedure call
RTT Roundtrip time
SAN Storage atached network
SMB Server Message Block
SMTP Simple mail transfer protocol
SPF Single point of failure
SSD Solide state drive
SSH Secure Shell
SSID Service set identifier
SSL Secure socket layer
SSO Single sign on
SSPR Self Service Password Reset
TCP Transmission control protocol
TLD Top level domain
TLS Transporl layer security
UDP User datagram protocol
UEFI Unified extensible firmware interface
UI User interface
UML Unified modeling language
UPN User principal name
URL Uniform recource locator
VGA Video graphics array
VM Virtual machine
VPN virtual private network
WAF Web aplication firewall
WAN Wide area network
WLAN Wireless local area network
n/a n/a
n/a n/a
n/a n/a
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